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How to Improve your Running Economy

The primary definition of a running economy is when your body uses up oxygen and converts it into motion. Whenever we are taking part in any aerobic exercises, we take in oxygen. The blood transports the oxygen to the heart. It is the pumped to various muscles in the body. Breathing faster allows the body to pump more blood to different organs in the body. In case you breathe in less oxygen, you will have difficulties moving forward. Taking part in more cardiovascular activities improves your body’s efficiency. Here are tips on how to improve your running economy.

Having good muscle fibre consumption will elevate your running economy. The main types of muscle fibres in the body includes TYPE I and TYPE II. TYPE I has a lower power output and it uses low levels of oxygen. TYPE II has a higher output and uses a lot of oxygen. The best way to distinguish these muscle fibres is that they are used in different types of sports. As an example, TYPE I is for marathon runners while a lot of sprinters use TYPE II. Taking part in different training modalities will improve your muscle fiber consumption.

Having joint flexibility is essential to having the best-running economy. Stiff muscles will make your joints flexible, which elevates your running economy. When your muscles are stiff, the chances of aggravating an injury are high. Stiff muscles give your body more force. As an example, yoga instructors cannot run sprints. When you have stiff joints, your body will produce more force without consuming a lot of oxygen. In case you want to improve your running economy, ensure that your joints are stiff.

Consider your body type when you are planning on improving your running economy. A big person does not have high aerodynamics. If you are fighting the wind, the resistance created by a bigger object will consume more oxygen, thus propelling the object forward. A bigger person will also consume less oxygen to move their limbs. It is very unlikely for a huge person to have a high fuel economy. People who have bigger bodies overwork their heart because it has to pump more blood to cover more ground. This makes it hard for a bigger person to be more efficient.

With less running resistance, you will have a better running economy. With high resistance, your body will take in a lot of oxygen. The primary causes of resistance include things like wind, rain and terrain. This is the reason why most athletes wear less clothing whenever they are running. When you use the guidelines highlighted above you will have a good running economy.

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