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Global solidarity just isn’t only an ethical imperative, it’s in everyone’s pursuits. Despite the travel restrictions and financial shutdowns, local weather change just isn’t on pause. What we’d like is a green and sustainable global economic system that produces jobs, reduces emissions, and builds resilience to climate impacts.

Stronger, more transparent and accountable institutions and improved access to justice may help to guard and promote migrants’ rights. Deforestation, land degradation, desertification and biodiversity loss can have profound impacts on communities whose livelihoods depend on natural assets and could be drivers of migration. Migration could be a potential local weather change adaptation strategy and a approach to build resilience. Water shortage and associated points might influence on living requirements, food availability and health which in flip could be drivers of migration.

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The pandemic is known for hitting the underprivileged and marginalized teams the toughest. By April 2021, over 687 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered globally, however over a hundred countries haven’t acquired a single dose. People caught in conflict are particularly weak by means of lack of access to healthcare.


In line with the Secretary-General’s attraction for a world ceasefire final March, in February 2021 the Security Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for Member States to assist a “sustained humanitarian pause” to native conflicts. The international ceasefire should continue to be honoured, to ensure people caught in battle have entry to lifesaving vaccinations and treatments. We speak on the worldwide stage about issues impacting the accountancy career, spanning expertise, policy, governance, international standards, a future-ready workforce, and more. By donating to ISA you would possibly be pledging help for development and diversity within the self-discipline, enabling us to support packages and grants for mentorship, global south and junior scholar initiatives, outreach, analysis, and skilled improvement. Our passion is for International Studies and the group of students, practicioners and students who bring it to life.

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Code Development Leading the Way to Energy Efficiency ICC has launched the “Code on a Mission” Challenge to encourage adoption of contemporary vitality codes. Training Virtual and Webinar Training The Code Council is here to help you with virtual choices to meet your coaching needs at this challenging time. Product Get 2021 I-Codes & Significant Changes Guides 2021 International Codes and Significant Changes guides are now available. I-Codes are integral to sustaining safe and healthy communities. Leadership 2020 Year in Review ICC’s 2020 Annual Report highlights how our household of options came together to assist members and prospects navigate the pandemic and other disasters.