Is senderismo the best sports alternative to be safe from coronavirus and explore new landscapes?

Sports are important activities that serve diverse purposes such as entertainment for the spectators, occupation for professional athletes and leisure activities for individuals. It helps in the development of physical and mental strength, endurance, perseverance, flexibility and sharp reflexes. Another importance of sporting activities is that it makes us social, placing people in close interactions to have to develop team spirit and comradeship. Other importance of sports includes better lungs function, stronger hearts and a higher level of confidence.

Different sports require different apparels and accessories for participants to be able to fully participate. For instance, skiers need their specialized footwear, cyclers require their customized riding costume that can withstand high speed and wind, basketballers require quality footwear that can cushion the impact of the jumps and landings and keep the joints of the ankles from sprains. To determine what other sports accessories might be beneficial for the sports you are interested in, you might want to read the reviews left on JD Sports Opinions and other platforms.

Considering the importance of sporting activities to the overall wellbeing of individuals, any situation that hampers the free involvement in sports can cause challenges, especially for people that are already used to the exertions of physical exercises and sporting activities. Not usually considered as organized sports because it might not easily be measurable, senderismo is a Spanish word that connotes hiking, trekking and fell walking activities. It is a highly outdoorsy activity that also includes cross-country walking, bushwalking and hill walking amongst others. Senderismo activities are mostly done in groups and are categorized as a recreational activity that is expected to be pleasurable, especially because of the natural setting.

Although neither sporting nor hiking activities is new ventures, the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the ways for these activities for the sake of safety. The coronavirus, which is a highly contagious respiratory tract disease and can be fatal, has necessitated the need to reduce interactions among people to curb the spread of the dreaded disease. All across the world, activities shut down across all sectors of human endeavours, sports inclusive. But shutting down economies worldwide is not a sustainable trend, and slowly, economies are reopening as the need for survival gradually eclipse the fear of the virus.

In light of this, many people that are sports or physical-activity oriented are trying to determine ways to keep fit and stay active when they cannot go to their favourite places like the gyms and the courts. For the past few months, many parts of the world requested that citizens stay indoors. Athletes and sports aficionados did what they could to stay fit and active, but for those who are addicted to the thrills of nature- the scent of the earth, the crunch of dry leaves under the feet and the songs of the birds hold an allure that cannot be neglected.

For such people, senderismo, or hiking activities might be the answer. The advantages of hiking include the building of muscles and overall fitness, lowering the risk of heart disease while reducing blood pressure, and helping the mental health of people and sometimes leading to creativity as we explore new and beautiful places. It relieves stress, helps to meet more people and thereby improve social lives, and just generally makes us better. And for those who chose to go on solo hiking, it helps to build self-confidence, do what you want, how you want it and learn to enjoy your own company.

Also, unlike other sports that will likely require impact and getting in contact with other people, senderismo is a tasking physical activity that requires participants to conserve their energies to watch and keep on the trail, and since you will all be moving towards one direction, the risk of infecting anyone is low.

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