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Key Tips on How to Reinforce a Commercial Door

There are usually huge losses that most businesses count in a year whose cause is majorly burglary. These occurrences happen not because the affected business premises have no locks but because the burglars try their best to bypass it. Due to this reality, it can be established that it is not the fault of any business to experience a burglary and hence it can happen to any kind of business. As a business owner, you should know that there are a few security measures that you can adopt to enhance a safer environment for your business. Door reinforcement is one of the few security tips that can help you sustain a much secure business. As a business owner, you should not wait until when you have experienced burglary for you to consider reinforcing doors to your premises. Given in this article is a guide on how you can handle the reinforcement of your commercial doors.

Door frame reinforcement is the first guideline on how to reinforce a commercial door. The door frame is the most important part that holds the door in place and if it is weak, any forceful entry is possible no matter how strong the silk plate is. Reinforcing the door frame entails adding a layer of steel on it to ensure that any force applied on the door cannot break it. Securing of wall studs is also important to ensure that the door is strongly attached.

The second guideline on how to secure a commercial door is the strengthening of the door’s edge. The door’s edge provides passage to bolts that lock into the door’s frame making it such an important part of the door. For you to strengthen a door edge, you should put a door wrap around it so that the surface area is bigger and with that, any force applied is easily distributed.

Thirdly, you ought to secure door hinges when reinforcing a commercial door. Since most commercial doors have exposed hinges, it can be easier to pop them off and pull the door out of the frame. The only way to secure the hinges is by installing jamb pins in the place of screws.

When reinforcing a commercial door, you also need to reinforce the door’s strike plates. The strike plates can be reinforced by either replacing small screws with longer screws or by using a longer silk plate which will need many screws. In addition to the above guidelines, you can also reinforce the door material and use highly secure locks to ensure that your commercial doors are very secure and safer. This article should come in handy in helping you ensure that your business is safe and well-guarded from burglars.
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