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Features and Benefits of the Best High Voltage DC Contactors

The high voltage DC contactor is known for use as a motor contactor. However, it can be used for various other applications and in a number of other areas. The other typical applications for these are such as for battery charging needs for an electric car and such kinds of EVs, DC power control for a frequency converter, circuit protection, and safety devices, and in industrial machinery and settings for such uses as switching power for these machinery. By and large, these are used in a lot of other electric applications such as for the uninterruptible power supplies and various other electronic control systems. When going for one for your needs, it is often advisable to think of sourcing for them from some of the best and reputable suppliers, those known for going by the highest standards for quality. And as a matter of fact, these contactors are available from these suppliers at rather competitive prices.

The following are some of the features and benefits of the high voltage DC contactors that you need to know of going forward.

First, the contractors should be such that is able to control very high voltages and high loads. There are actually some that can control voltages of up to 900VDC. Such are the ones that have been designed with the best of features such as to have an epoxy sealed vacuum chamber, filled with inert gas inside and a well-protected contact and magnetic blowouts for the elimination of electric arc.

The other key feature of the best of these is to have a wide contact switching range. Added to this, the HV contactor should be as compact, solid and quiet. Even when the contractor breaks the highest of current, it should be as quiet and compact. This is notwithstanding the need for the HV contactor should be as safe and reliable. The safety of the contactor is basically assured or guaranteed by the fact that the contact is sealed inside the chamber and is filled with a non-reactive gas. With this, there is no way for the arc to escape and as such the contactor remains to be very safe to use or operate. Over and above this, the contractor should be as reliable as to be safely used in whatever environment. Changes in the environment shouldn’t make it any challenging to use the contactor at the end of the day.

The contractor ought to as well be flexible. There are some of the high voltage DC contactors that can be made with such non-polarized contacts and these make the wiring of the connections a lot more flexible. Mounting of the contactor should as well be as easy and seamless for you, ideally being as good as to allow you mount it with the side or bottom mounting options.

The good contractors should as well be such that allows for multiple applications. They ought to be the kind that allow for use in a number of the relay switching settings and needs like a motor contactor, battery switching, power control, and the like applications.


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