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Succession Process For Attorney Generals Position

Holding a public office means undertaking a commitment to ensure that the laws of the state alongside ethical issues are keenly followed as per the existing constitution. It means that when taking the oath of office the candidate must be ready to abide by the laws in place in order to enjoy a full term of service once in the office. This case happened to the attorney general after revelations emerged of his involvement in cases of sexual assault to women. In such an instance, appointment of a suitable replacement then follows to ensure there is continued flow of leadership. In such way, it means there is no gap left that would affect the operations of the office.

The first candidate to the office is appointed instantly to hold the office in an acting capacity. The candidate selected to hold the office takes hold of the office instantly but after the swearing in by the chief judge. The legislature at the same time initiates a process of recruiting an interim office holder and the acting offer only serves until the legislature is done with the process. Through the process of appointment by the legislature, the prospective candidates apply for the open position based on set qualifications for the job.

After sending in the applications, a selection committee peruses the applications and picks those who fit to be interviewed and they are invited for the interviews. Gauging through the set qualifications for the applicant, the committee undertakes a selection to pick those with minimum qualification to hold the position. A committee to interview the applicant is formed comprising of bicameral and bipartisan embers who invite the applicants for the interviews at set dates. The candidates undergo an intensive interview process to ascertain how best they fit to the position. Key features in the grilling include ascertaining the qualifications and experience of the candidates and the potential they bring along.

The platform created for interviews also serve as the best room for the candidates to give a better insight on the capabilities of the applicant. As such, the chance to give and expound on the vision they have for the office. Candidates invited for the interview include both men and women. In the process, there is no special preference given to either men or women. As such, this means the interviews focus on the qualifications of the candidates by education and experience.

It is the voters who get to vote for the attorney general. The voting takes place as per the voting calendar in place. Voting therefore marks the end of service for the interim office holder. Voting therefore ensures that the permanent holder of the office is elected to the office as per the law.
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