Tips on how to improve your bike in a cheap way during Black Friday

Improving or upgrading your bike doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money, as there are little changes that will be made to make the bike look and function better. With Black Friday around the corner, these upgrades can be done for even less money since bike parts and other items you will need for the upgrade will be available at cheaper, discounted prices. You don’t even have to wait until the end of the month, you can start your Black Friday shopping online and visit outlets like Halford’s bike rack or any other bike store.

How can you improve your bike for less money during Black Friday sales?

Improving your bike isn’t a lot of work, and there are simple upgrades that you can do yourself. The only thing you need is to purchase the parts or types of equipment you will need for the upgrade. You can visit bike stores for good deals this Black Friday or visit review sites like  BritainReviews to find out more about Black Friday deals.


It is safe to say that the tires are the cheapest part of a bicycle to upgrade and they can be purchased at even cheaper prices now, thanks to Black Friday. You may want to look for tires made with quality material and that has a good grip. Carry out proper research to find the right type of tire for your bike and proceed to look through various Black Friday deals for your choice tire.

Bars and saddle

Very easy parts to upgrade, these parts also add to the performance of the bike not to mention the comfort of the rider. These parts are easy and cheap to upgrade and they will be even cheaper during Black Friday sales. You might want to start looking through Black Friday deal offers to choose the best ones for your bike


These parts are not only easy to upgrade but they are very important, you need to be able to slow down or stop your bike from moving with ease. Changing your brake pads often is a really good idea and you can do it at very little cost, thanks to Black Friday sales. You’d find rather good deals for good quality brake pads


It’s not a bad idea to change those chainrings every once in a while. You should change old rusty chainrings for new ones, also you can change the chainrings to suit the type of road you’re on. All you have to do is to visit a bike store this Black Friday for chainrings that suit your bike as well as the type of road you ride on, to purchase at a cheaper price. 


The wheels could be the most neglected bike part, but changing your bike’s wheel can make a huge change to your riding experience as it will make the bike feel lighter and you have to use less effort to ride. You can look up Black Friday deals to pick up new wheels at slashed prices.

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