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Non-Teaching Jobs in Education that You Should Consider

In the past years there has been a recognizable shift in the number of people practicing a career in their education major. Studies show that there was a drop from 32% to 11% in 2018. Even though education comes with many benefits and impacts in the society, it is a job for the few who can handle all its underlying difficulties. Luckily, here are non teaching jobs in schools you may put into consideration.

If you have lots of experience in the education industry, you will stand better chances of being a school administrator. Rather than handling the classroom as a teacher, you will get to manage the entire school. Securing the job entails pursuing an advanced degree and working towards getting outstanding grades. Once you are an administrator, you will have the task of reviewing the curriculum, managing both workers and budgets, and coming up with educational policies. This is one of the best non-teaching jobs in schools.

If you want to consider other non-teaching jobs in schools, try going for the post secondary education administrator post. Here, you get a chance to venture into a variety of opportunities that depend on the skills and attainments you have to your name. Application areas in different colleges and academic departments include in the admissions, the registrar and student serves.

You can also choose to be an instructional coordinator. Their work involves designing the teaching standards and reviewing the curriculum of schools within a specific district. Using the enhanced results they come up with, they have to work with teachers and administrators to ensure the new curriculum and teaching techniques are effective. To secure this job you should have a master’s degree in education or any related field.

Some teachers are mainly concerned with the development of young people outside the classroom. Such teachers are advised to apply as directors for extracurricular activities. Examples of such non-teaching jobs in schools include camp directors and student activities coordinators. They have the job of using the extracurricular affair to instill a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and communication among the young people.

If you want to be beneficial to the community in the same way as a teacher does, textbook writing and publishing is right for you. A textbook writer will be of outstanding importance in schools if they have education majors and interest in writing. Other than being a textbook writer, you can opt to be an editor, publisher or advance in journalism and write for academic papers or on education topics. Also, you can choose to be an education blogger.

In some cases, people pursue their degree to completion, only to realize their interest faded. Regardless of the situation you are in you need to consider other options as bills will need to get paid.