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A Guide to French Bulldog Puppies

People have different tastes and interests and as such different people choose different animals to keep at home as pets. Among the many animals chosen for pets, dogs are mostly preferred due to being friendly, social and many more desirable qualities. Different dog breeds exist with one breed being a bit unique from other breeds due to having different sizes, colors and other factors. One breed of dogs is the French bulldogs which is much popular and loved by people as they are wonderful animals to live with. The French bulldogs are cute, loving, social and very friendly pets and can be great companions when kept as pets.

The name is just a nickname since they did not originate from France but rather from England where the inhabitants enjoyed their companionship. The Titanic ship carried a French bulldog during its voyage which makes the dogs quite unique and special. Training French bulldogs are much easier compared to other breeds since both males and females have the same capabilities. French bulldogs are also referred to as frog dogs due to the manner in which they spread their back legs resembling a frog. Naturally French bulldogs are best suited for life on land rather than life in water because they are not good swimmers due to being heavily built. If a person who is not known by the French bulldogs intrudes into the homestead the dog’s bark to alert their owners which makes them great watchdogs.

As much as they are fierce watchdogs the French bulldogs would not be quick to bark at familiar people. A person can live a lively and happy life free from stress and loneliness when French bulldogs are kept to give companionship. Another interesting fact about French bulldogs is how sensitive they are and do not enjoy being left alone and prefer to be given company. Due to their exciting features French bulldogs are loved by many people including several popular celebrities. On average a French bulldog has a lifespan of approximately ten and above years when cared for properly.

Clients are availed with well bred French bulldog puppies both male and females by some firms specialized in breeding the dogs. Clients can find French bulldog puppies that are well catered for to be healthy and in the needed health conditions. The firm takes great care of the puppies by giving vaccination and healthy meals needed to keep them safe from infections and other complications. French bulldog puppies come in varying colors such as white, brindle, pawn and many more colors for clients to choose. Pet owners need to follow certain practices to keep the French bulldogs healthy in order to live long and happy lives together.

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