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The Value of Organizational Branding and Advertising

Company brand comes when it projects itself well to the public. Iis significant for an employer to put out a good image as the best to be the leader in the market. One of the ways to brand itself is through open communication, creating opportunity to grow for employees, recognizing and rewarding employees, better pay for employees just to mention a few. This article will outline the importance of employer branding for the organization.

The employer is able to catch attention of potential staff at lesser fee. Dues to the great image the company creates; it receives a lot of applications from candidates having not yet advertised. This consequently leads to cheap promotional and staffing expenditure.

Company good image increases a big number of new recruits. While the company wants a job opening, there is a bunch of job seekers who send their application in owed to the good image it has.

This is as a result of the company being known bt potential employees out there who are looking to fill the opening.

Great impression is not just meant for the potential recruits but for current workers with the employer. Meaning increased productivity for the employer from their employee who is good for the organization.

Human resource is well occupied as a result of good impression for the organization. Company staff is always busy with their work and are not destructed because they enjoy their jobs at the company. This means the employer is able to fulfill the organization goals.

A good image decreases the number of workers leaving the company. Hence less staff departing the company. there is a decrease in expenses which means both the employer and their workers experience grow in the long run.

The employer is able to get the best talent from the market. Due to more potential employees having the knowledge that the organization is good they mostly would want to be employed there as opposed to other organizations.

It is vital for organizations to create a good impression so as to improve their employees efficiency. Employers with a good image have highly satisfied staff and hence increased output and increased turnover.

Well branded organizations experience high profits. This is because of high output by workers and superior products by workers. This means better pay for employees as well as high customer satisfaction. In general organizational good image is importance to its workers, itself, customers and other stakeholders such as government due to revenue it collects.
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